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Moving is such a hassle. The worst part is getting your stuff moved into your new place. So when the time comes to move, let Portland Moving Services handle everything for you. We specialize in residential and commercial moves, both long and short distances. Portland Moving Services is a licensed, bonded, insured moving company that serves the Portland, Or and Vancouver metropolitan areas.

We will pack your items in specialized packing, move your things, then unpack everything to your specifications, getting you settled into your new home or office. All packages include packing supplies, cost based on the size of container needed, and includes packing paper and tape. Also included in each program are the moving services and the cost of labor, and for an extra fee, you can get your old address cleaned. We also have programs for low or limited income or emergent moves such as victims of domestic abuse. Each move is confidential and prompt, taking the stress away and letting you focus on the future, rather than dealing with cleaning up the past.

Each customer is established a "moving counselor", someone who will be your liaison and representative throughout the whole process. They will give you free moving advise during a consultation, and help you decide which of our programs is right for you. Each move can be tracked by a specialized number via our website, so even if you can't be there, you can still stay up to date on the status of the move. Each policy includes basic property insurance, more detailed policies are available for those items that need extra care.

We offer short notice services too, for when you need to get moved in a hurry. We can begin your move within 48 hours of signing the agreement, with no money paid until you are settled in to your new place.

We also offer short and long term storage for when you need to hold off on moving, but can't stay where you are. Rates vary on the size of storage unit needed, and then when you are ready, we will bring your things to you.

All services are paid on delivery, unless other arrangements are made. We accept cash, credit, or money order.

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Portland Moving Services is a reliable moving company in the Portland/Vancouver area that has been in business for over 15 years now. Family owned and operated, we are here to take care of all your moving needs. For Portland Moving Services, all our clients are family, we take care of your things just as if they were our own.



“My husband found Portland Moving Company in Homestars and did a great job wrapping my paintings to the venue where I will be having my first exhibit ever as a painter. They arrived 10 minutes early and they were very eager to my instructions to where the paintings should be placed. ...“ ---Maricel Laxa, Portland

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